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         SYNOPSIS & BIO

Salutations! My name is Marisol M. Ruiz. I am an Adjudicator for the State of California. My job is to determine eligibility based on law and policy for Unemployment Insurance Claims.


I also attended the University of La Verne, where I obtained an M.B.A. with a concentration in Human Resources- which brings me here today. In order to become an effective H.R. Manager/Director in the corporate world, or in any governing agency, becoming commissioned is an integral part of the job function; especially when working within the finance and accounting industry. When I became a Notary Public, I held onto that card tightly. I then took it a step further, and became a Certified Loan Signing Agent. I am NSA certified, bonded and insured (E&O Policy $100,000). 

After much thought, I decided to formally transcend my skill sets to serve our communities by extending my services to the public- as a (mobile) Notary Signing Agent, with reasonable rates.


Why choose me as your Notary Signing Agent?

A little background: I have worked in the public sector since I was 19. I started working at the Metropolitan (traffic) Court House, for the Court Referred Community Service Department in Downtown Los Angeles. There, I assigned defendants to community service in lieu of jail and/or fines. I then became the Agency Relations Coordinator, where I audited governmental agencies and non-profit organizations (whom were recruited to administer community service). I was later appointed as the (interim) Director for the D.U.I Hospital and Morgue (HAM) Prevention Program, where I oversaw the Hospital’s program directives. My job has always been to serve the public and help deter crime and/or fraud- it is embedded in me. I take pride in stating, “I am a Public Servant FIRST, and a Professional second.”

I have a good track record, I am detailed oriented and make no room for errors. As I know, I am dealing with documents that CAN and WILL affect LIVES, if completed erroneously.


I am trustworthy, prompt, courteous, efficient and strive on creating a positive impact within our communities. I am here at your service, to complete your notarizations as quick and hassle free as possible. You can count on me to get the job done CORRECTLY, the first time. 


Thank You Kindly,

Marisol M. Ruiz, (your) Notary Signing Agent. 


Please note: I am not a lawyer. Therefore, I cannot and will not give legal advice on any transaction(s)  or document(s).  

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